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Biologistics Consulting is an independent consulting firm specialized in consulting for the biopharma, healthcare and medical devices industries.

Our clients range from multinational firms and top leaders to small innovative companies. Some of the top 12 biopharma companies have worked with Biologistics consulting.

CMO's and CRO's are usual clients as well as dedicated service logistics providers. Public authorities also rely on our expertise to develop successful strategic policies.

On addition, medical devices companies also partner with Biologistics on their commercial or physical expansion. In this purpose, we provide with distributors selection. Our network is based on a few thousands identified potential partners.

We offer to our clients a neutral and objective approach which sets up apart from main service providers. Our values are based on a top quality and a professional, dynamic and pragmatic approach. We target to build long term partnerships with our clients and tend to be at the top of innovation.

Our services are proposed from our offices in the US and in the center of Europe near Brussels (Liège, Belgium) but also in Luxembourg and Slovak Republic (Central and Eastern Europe)

Biologistics Consulting : Our business developer will gladly visit you and discuss possible partnerships and commercial agreements


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